Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Success in service

EDINBURGH-based EPOS specialist Zonal has had its work for pub giant EI Group recognised through the company’s in-house awards programme.

Keep calm and control the chaos

Electronic point of sale (EPOS) technology, in particular, is said to have progressed considerably in recent years, with suppliers claiming that systems can now help to improve the experiences of operators and pub customers alike.

The future is now for the on-trade

Latest technological developments can set your venue apart from the competition, say firms.

Talking all things tech

Busby Hotel deputy manager Kyle Smith discusses the benefits of EPOS.

Portable payments can bolster efficiency

PORTABLE payment terminals are said to have gained considerable ground in the on-trade in recent years.   

New season’s greetings

Club football is back with pubs showing it set to benefit.

Sound out the right policy

Myriad music options brings increased legal complexity, writes James Luck of Soundjack.

Pub quiz roll-out is music to firm’s ears

TECHNOLOGY firm Startle is set to roll out BBC Radio 2’s PopMaster music quiz to pubs after signing an agreement with the broadcaster.
McGinty’s Meal An’ Ale, which opened earlier this year, worked with Nicoll Russell Studios.

Time is on your side for a refresh

Small changes can make a big difference, firms say
Phone and beer in bar

Tech is no longer a luxury in the trade

Customers now expect features such as wi-fi and contactless payment in venues AS technology has progressed and become such an ordinary and indispensable part of...