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SLTN Awards 2019

Celebrating in style

It was a night to remember on Thursday, November 7 when the Hilton in Glasgow hosted the 2019 SLTN Awards
Kevin Carr & Kesia McHardy

Preparing for a festive fiesta

Bartenders Kevin and Kesia talk December drinks with SLTN
pint pouring

Robust routine is route to quality

Getting it right in the cellar is a big step towards getting it right in the glass

A new wave of possibilities

Modern microwaves can fill many roles for on-trade outlets
Innis & Gunn Brewery

Brewery plan in the picture

Beer Money crowdfunding scheme aims to raise £3m

A golden time for whisky in bars

A spirit with much to offer: Scotch ranges can prove compelling this Christmas

Opposite sides of the same coin

Jim Beveridge and Ervin Trykowski share a similar passion for Scotch

Capturing the spirit of Arran

New look for single malts unveiled ahead of 25th anniversary

Pubs can cash in on spirit’s provenance

Demand for locally-produced gins sees sales in Scotland exceed rest of UK
Hendrick's cocktail

Spirit set to lift crown in 2020

Premium and flavoured variants behind category’s boom

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