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Training in the trade

Knowledge is power

Bring the spirit of education to bars

Operators can create new converts by reintroducing rum to customers, say drinks firms

One day is not enough for Pat’s

An extended celebration of Éire’s patron saint can lead to divine results for pubs

The only way is up for juniper lovers

The thirst for premium expressions shows no sign of abating in 2019, say drinks firms

Mexican spirits’ shot at bar glory

Agave spirits are making big strides in Scottish venues, say firms

Don’t run the risks with food hygiene

Few things can be as damaging to a venue’s reputation as an instance of food poisoning

Don’t neglect your venue’s appearance

A strong interior design can help establish atmosphere and set an outlet apart

Mix it up with an American spirit

US whiskey serves can help keep customers coming back for more

Behind bars: whiskey

Two bartenders share their insights on American whiskey and bourbon

Beer business is about to pick up

The coming weeks could be good for beer sales provided the offer is right