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Wednesday, August 4, 2021
A group of young people say cheers with their aperol spritz.

A trend that’s here to stay?

WHETHER it’s consuming fewer calories, less alcohol – or both – many pub, bar and restaurant customers are becoming more mindful of what they are drinking.
A bartender is adding a lime to a gin and tonic mix in a glass.

Local motion is in full swing

STAYING ‘local’ for over a year as a result of the pandemic may have had plenty of people climbing the walls but it also led to many getting better acquainted with the area in which they live – and the producers within it.
A red cocktail is on a marble table infused with berries and mint leaves.

Flavours are a growing trend

AS a country with a famously sweet tooth, it’s probably no surprise that there seems to be a growing demand for flavoured spirits in the UK.
A masked waiter is serving orange juice to customers.

Brexit and COVID bring changes

EMPLOYMENT law is complex, with a raft of policies and procedures to be implemented and adhered to.

It’s time to be bold by the glass

Quality over quantity and an adventurous by the glass selection – those should be among the top considerations when it comes to a wine offer for the weeks ahead

Penny drops in hospitality

Neil Forbes, chef director at Café St Honoré in Edinburgh, answers questions on sustainability in the hospitality sector

A movement that can’t be ignored

In the drinks industry, the need to become more environmentally-friendly has led to a number of major investments and initiatives in recent years as producers look to reduce their carbon footprint

High-end interest due to continue

The ‘premiumisation’ of the on-trade – with customers willing to trade up to more ‘top-shelf’ products – had been a well-established trend by the beginning of last year

The best standard is now the norm

Even as customers flock back into premises to enjoy a cold pint, brewers have warned against complacency in product and service
Barista pouring coffee

Choice can heat up sales

Operators should ensure offer taps in to current trends