Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Why Not Edinburgh's dancefloor

Nation’s clubs are fountains of youth

Successful venues are changing alongside crowds, finds Jonathan Watt
Turtle Higgins, Bird & Bear, Dundee

Behind bars: vodka

Two bartenders share their insights on the licensed trade’s biggest spirit

PLHs: have you renewed?

Time is running out to renew your personal licence, trainers warn .

Keeping it cold in the old town

Signature Pubs’ newest venture is ready for its first summer .

Don’t aim too low with your wine list

Customers look for quality so make sure your offer doesn’t fall short .

Summer brews

Craft breweries from across the country give SLTN the lowdown on the industry 

Craft cocktails with distinction

Explosion in spirits market can take serves to a new level, say firms .
Craft Spirits

Champions ready to double down

Two wins at SLTN Awards “validates” approach of Kin owners
craft beers

One size does not fit all in craft

Operators should tailor their range to their customers
The second annual Gintyre festival takes place at Campbeltown Town Hall on April 13

Whisky town’s gin invasion

Second annual spirits festival to take place in Campbeltown in April
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