Celebrating 60 Years of SLTN

Attention all you crazy cats and cool chicks – SLTN is going back to the sixties for a unique cocktail competition that celebrates the decade in which our publication was born.

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Spirit of the Sixties

It was the era of Beatlemania, flower-power, free love, civil rights and space travel... and SLTN, in partnership with Inverarity Morton, is inviting bartenders and mixologists to create a delicious drink that channels that sixties vibe of fun, optimism and freedom.

Entering is easy – just share your recipe and a short video clip of you putting it together on Instagram, with the hashtag #60yearsofSLTN.

Our judges will then select six finalists to come and make their drinks in person and decide who has truly captured the Spirit of the Sixties.

The winning cocktail will be served to guests at the 2024 SLTN Awards – AND its creator will get automatic entry to our Mixologist or Bartender Of The Year categories.


Entries are open now!

Head to our Instagram to find out more and submit your video!

How to Enter

Entry Process and Criteria

Entrants should prepare one cocktail using a spirit of their choice. The drink should be inspired by the ‘spirit of the 1960s’ – whatever that means to the individual entrant.

Entries should be posted on the entrant’s Instagram page, including video, images or both, as well as a list of ingredients and the hashtag #60YearsofSLTN

They must also tag SLTN and Inverarity Morton on Instagram (@scottishlicensedtradenews and @invmorton) to ensure we are notified of every entry.

The Final

The Spirit of the 60s final will be held in Glasgow in the summer.

Six finalists will be invited to prepare and present two cocktails: their original entry drink and a second cocktail prepared using a brand chosen by Inverarity Morton. This second drink should be suitable for preparation in large volumes. (The brand will be revealed at a later date)

Though only six finalists will be selected, finalists should feel free to bring along friends and/or coworkers to cheer them on. The more the merrier!

The winner will then have their high-volume drink served at the 2024 SLTN Awards in November, as well as receiving four tickets to the event.

They will also receive a bye into the top six of either the SLTN Bartender of the Year or SLTN Mixologist of the Year categories for this year’s awards (the winner can decide which category they would rather enter).

Entrants will be scored on:

  • The concept behind their drinks, the link to the 1960s and their ability to communicate this
  • The flavour of the drinks; the balance of the ingredients and how well they work together
  • Their ability to prepare and present the drinks with skill and professionalism

Winner's prizes

  • Four tickets to the SLTN Awards (worth over £1000)
  • Your winning cocktail being served at the SLTN Awards
  • Appearing on the front cover of the July issue of SLTN, and an interview inside the issue
  • A fast-track pass into the top six shortlist for either the SLTN Mixologist of the Year or Bartender of the Year category
  • A brand prize from the sponsor. Keep an eye on SLTN’s social channels for details
Spirit of the Sixties is organised in association with
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