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Friday, April 9, 2021
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Man taking selfie in cafe

New tech can help with Test and Protect

Bar, pub and restaurant operators have been turning to technology to help them keep in contact with customers for years
Reserved sign in restaurant

Cashless payment comes into its own

While 2020 may not have been a big growth year for many aspects of the licensed trade, one in particular has grown exponentially: cashless payments
Largs seafront

Is your business fully covered?

Operators must guard against the unexpected, say commercial insurance firms

No avoiding tech in the on-trade

Advancements in technology offer real benefits to a pub’s operation
Man using mobile phone

Online booking is big business

Operators must deliver on customers’ tech needs, says report
Swipii app

Tap into customer loyalty

Operators who are keen to reward the loyalty of returning customers can do so using a new app from Scottish startup, Swipii.
Bartender using glasswasher

A focus on the fundamentals

It was the late comedian Henny Youngman who once boasted about how his grandmother didn’t need glasses, even after her eightieth birthday, as she drank straight from the bottle.
Scottish Engineer

Engineering a new design

Several of the nation’s engineering greats – including Alexander Graham Bell and John Logie Baird – have served as inspiration for the redesign of a pub in Edinburgh.
Mountblow Bar

Breath of fresh air for Clydebank bar

A pub in the Dalmuir area of Clydebank recently reopened its doors following an £80,000 refurbishment by Iona Pub Partnership.
pub interior

Capitalise on Christmas with a revamp

Pulling out all the stops to attract customers, remains as crucial as ever in the Scottish on-trade; and one sure fire way to do this is with a design refresh, say specialists.