Advice and opinions from one of Scotland’s leading licensing lawyers, Jack Cummins

Coronavirus: D-day for defaulters

The small minority of licensed outlets that defied the Scottish Government’s order to close could find themselves facing sanctions sooner than expected

Coronavirus: navigating uncharted waters

During the Second World War, when the German Luftwaffe was doing its very best to reduce industrial Britain to rubble, pubs remained open and beer wasn’t rationed. Now, we face an unseen enemy – and, as in all wars, there are heroes and villains

Latest TV licence might not be last

Further copyright collection agencies may materialise

New lets plan will take a toll

Licensing system will introduce significantly more hurdles

Too much fake news on alcohol

Recent reports in the mainstream media have beggared belief

Alcohol arguments are a familiar story

Campaigns bear more than a passing resemblance to anti-tobacco tactics

Know what your licence permits

Even small tweaks to a venue have to be in the operating plan

Health objective: fit for purpose?

A decade after the new Act one of its foundations is still weak .

Beer tent ‘ban’ is tip of the iceberg

Campaign to prevent children’s ‘exposure’ to alcohol continues .

Any age policy has to be robust

Recent figures reiterated the importance of age verification .