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Advice and opinions from one of Scotland’s leading licensing lawyers, Jack Cummins

Too much fake news on alcohol

Recent reports in the mainstream media have beggared belief

Alcohol arguments are a familiar story

Campaigns bear more than a passing resemblance to anti-tobacco tactics

Know what your licence permits

Even small tweaks to a venue have to be in the operating plan

Health objective: fit for purpose?

A decade after the new Act one of its foundations is still weak .

Beer tent ‘ban’ is tip of the iceberg

Campaign to prevent children’s ‘exposure’ to alcohol continues .

Any age policy has to be robust

Recent figures reiterated the importance of age verification .

An occasion for the law to change

New moves could help prevent abuse of occasional licences .

When a policy is not allowed to fail

MUP is likely to be hailed a success, whatever the evidence .

Alcohol levy is a flawed plan

Long-mooted tax is another example of political gouging

It’s time to ditch ‘duty to trade’

Consultation to update board guidance is long overdue .

Sky Win a TV ad for your pub