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Jack Cummins is one of Scotland’s leading licensing lawyers. Every month he writes on licensing law and answers readers’ questions in SLTN.

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Expect to see minimum pricing continue

Minimum Pricing is likely to survive its 2024 review with a higher unit price, writes SLTN legal columnist Jack Cummins.

Take care with lessee licences

ARE you a landlord in the hospitality sector or thinking of leasing out licensed premises? Be aware of the risks and the potential for outright disaster!

There are several licensing steps to take before opening a venue

You’re about to take a big step on the hospitality ladder: acquiring your own business ... and a close look at the premises licence is the first step towards maximising trading opportunities.

Another twist in the tale of the lapdance ‘ban’

For more than two decades campaigners have fought to close down these forms of entertainment on the basis that they amount to the exploitation of women. 

Banning ads will do nothing to tackle root causes of alcohol abuse

It’s becoming even clearer that these proposals are poorly thought out – and at least some of the restrictions under contemplation may be simply unenforceable.

Cummins – Ad ban plan is ‘an all-out nuclear attack on alcohol’

Christmas came early for the anti-alcohol lobbyists. Last November the Scottish Government published a 63-page consultation document on ‘restricting alcohol advertising and promotion’... ticking just about every conceivable box in the campaigners’ wish list.
A family with young children eat in a pub restuarant

Child laws for a new generation

Current rules aren’t perfect but still a marked improvement on law governing under 18s access to licensed premises.
burger and chips

Food proposals hard to swallow

Plans to tackle ‘unhealthy’ eating habits leave a bad taste

Don’t bet on an outside chance

Operating an unlicensed outdoor area could prove very risky
Pub chairs

It’s vital that you stick to the plan

Departing from an operating plan can land a business in hot water


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