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Friday, August 12, 2022


Jack Cummins is one of Scotland’s leading licensing lawyers. Every month he writes on licensing law and answers readers’ questions in SLTN.

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Curfew reasons are ‘delusional’

“What fresh hell is this?” Those words of Dorothy Parker, the American novelist, come back to mind as soon as the first minister embarks on a Coronavirus review.
Waiter with face mask taking payment from customer

Stay correct on Test and Protect

It looks like a very straightforward requirement. Hospitality businesses are now under a legal obligation to collect customers’ contact details to support the NHS Test and Protect service

Risk assessment for COVID a must

When lockdown was imposed at the end of March, Scottish Government regulations imposed extraordinary restrictions on civil liberties, the likes of which we hope never to see again

‘Killjoy’ outdoor drinking bans are here to stay

When the reopening of outdoor areas was kicked down the lockdown-easing route map last week, sections of a frustrated public found bright sunshine and the availability of takeaway pints an irresistible temptation. But almost immediately a row has broken out over “killjoy” byelaw bans

Coronavirus: Scottish Government must relax outdoor and distance rules to give trade a fighting...

Following last week’s Scottish Government road map announcement holding out the prospect of outdoor drinking in phase two from mid-June, licensing lawyers have been inundated with an unprecedented flurry of trade enquiries

Coronavirus: Hurdles ahead on trade’s path to reopening

The answers to these questions will play a pivotal role in the survival of thousands of hospitality businesses. When will the lockdown measures be eased? How can the trade viably adapt to social distancing challenges – and what are the regulatory obstacles?

Coronavirus lockdown: When an individual’s freedom is at stake the law should not be...

It's the most extraordinary restriction on the liberty of the population: “No person may leave the place where they are living”

Coronavirus: D-day for defaulters

The small minority of licensed outlets that defied the Scottish Government’s order to close could find themselves facing sanctions sooner than expected

Coronavirus: navigating uncharted waters

During the Second World War, when the German Luftwaffe was doing its very best to reduce industrial Britain to rubble, pubs remained open and beer wasn’t rationed. Now, we face an unseen enemy – and, as in all wars, there are heroes and villains

Latest TV licence might not be last

Further copyright collection agencies may materialise


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