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Friday, August 12, 2022


Jack Cummins is one of Scotland’s leading licensing lawyers. Every month he writes on licensing law and answers readers’ questions in SLTN.

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Nightclubs: singled out or just the beginning?

The Scottish Government's passport plans are fraught with issues and require clarification, writes Jack Cummins.

An occasionally vexing problem

THE occasional licence: a lifeline for hundreds of businesses trading in outside areas during the pandemic – but also one of the most problematic parts of licensing legislation.
Person being arrested

Don’t fall into the offences trap

Past convictions can be a sticking point in applications

A framework for confusion

The constantly-changing road map now referred to “certain outdoor live events” being permitted, giving operators the false hope that, subject to licence conditions, these could be staged with two-metre distancing

A song that’s tough to follow

There’s precious little good news around for the trade, but the reopening of music venues in level one and two areas has allowed a further easing of the so-called ‘music ban’ in hospitality premises permitted to serve alcohol indoors.

Certification is a tricky issue

COVID status certificates could create a number of challenges By Jack Cummins BELIEVE it or not, there is a precedent for mandatory inoculations. The Vaccination Act of...

Legal fight was a non-starter

The courts are unlikely to second-guess difficult health decisions

Licensed trade is a soft target

The pandemic has taken a wrecking ball to the hospitality sector, now staring into an abyss; and there’s a question many are asking: “Is the licensed trade being offered up as a sacrificial lamb in pursuit of an anti-alcohol strategy?"

Making a meal of COVID levels

Back in 2013, Allan Gallacher, a Glasgow barman, found himself in the dock after allegedly breaching ‘breakfast licence’ rules

Circuit breaker is more like a bomb blast

It may be cutely called a “circuit breaker” but a ban on the sale of alcohol in almost every hospitality setting is more accurately described as the equivalent of dropping an atomic bomb on thousands of businesses across the country


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