Thursday, June 20, 2019


Advice and opinions from one of Scotland’s leading licensing lawyers, Jack Cummins

Disabilities have to be catered for

A recent legal case has reiterated the importance of accessibility
Scottish parliament

PLH history must not be repeated

Huge backlog of applications seen in 2009 must be avoided

Pricing optimism is entirely misplaced

Despite health arguments, MUP will not reduce harmful drinking

Health’s hysteria on ads is ominous

The anti-alcohol lobby won’t be satisfied until drinkers are pariahs

How will the trade comply with MUP?

The devil’s in the details in terms of enforcement and compliance
Several areas are outwith the scope of MUP, including online retailing.

Not all required to comply with MUP

Some sources of alcohol are beyond minimum unit pricing’s reach
Scottish Government

Pricing won’t cure our alcohol issues

Minimum pricing will penalise everyone without solving the problems

‘Passive drinking’ is a step too far

Health lobby attempts to draw children into debate is just hysteria

Board looks to get tough on licences

Proposals in Dundee seek to reduce number of new premises.
Applications involving small shops often attract residents’ objections.

Board rulings must be based on facts

Decisions founded on speculation will be open to challenge