Saturday, April 20, 2019

Spicing things up

A recent refurbishment in Edinburgh was designed to achieve the twin goals of a welcoming environment that also increased dining space

History comes to life in city centre

A near-forgotten chapter of Glasgow history provided the inspiration for a bar and restaurant refurbishment in the city’s centre
Falcon at Caledonian University

Turn up the heat

Even the most basic dish can fail without the right equipment in the kitchen

Time to tap into trade technology

The right EPOS system can help operators maximise profits

Take the heat off

Advances in commercial kitchen tech are helping to make chefs’ lives easier
Customer paying with their mobile phone

Ignore the present and risk the future

Operators who don’t move with the times could alienate their customers
A commercial kitchen

Modern kitchens need to sparkle

Consumers are more aware of hygiene standards in venues than they’ve ever been
A board on the street

Get the word out about your offer

Even the best drinks range can be let down if customers are not aware of what’s available
Cocktail with ice

A cool approach can heat up drinks sales

The right refrigeration setup is crucial to keep customers coming back

Find the right light

ESTABLISHING just the right ambience in an outlet depends on a wide range of factors – and the importance of lighting cannot be overstated.
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