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Monday, January 24, 2022
Brockmans Fench

Mix it up for success in the festive season

Cocktails and premium drinks help the consumer trade up for Christmas
Buck and Birch bottle

Foraging for flavours

SCOTTISH drinks company Buck & Birch has launched a new spirit that it is pitching as an alternative to gin or vodka.
Two cocktails are sitting on a black table

Expectations are higher than ever

WITH trade having been disrupted – or cancelled entirely – for much of the past year, Scotland’s pub, bar and restaurant operators will be hoping to make up for lost time during the remainder of 2021.
A glass of tequila is sitting by a bar wedged with a lime.

Taking more than a shot in the dark

TEQUILA has had something of a reputation in the UK for being a spirit that bar and pub customers shoot first and ask questions about later (or not at all).
A man is holding a square glass of whiskey

Returning with New Demands

LOCKDOWN and more nights at home have changed the way people enjoy whisky – and producers expect licensees to experience it first-hand as more customers return to the on-trade.
A glass of Gin and Tonic is infused with ice, lemons and cinnamon

Keeping up appearances

ONE of the true ‘must stocks’ of the past few years, gin is now just as likely to be seen on the back-bar of a community pub than the gantry of a city centre cocktail bar.
A group of young people say cheers with their aperol spritz.

A trend that’s here to stay?

WHETHER it’s consuming fewer calories, less alcohol – or both – many pub, bar and restaurant customers are becoming more mindful of what they are drinking.
A bartender is adding a lime to a gin and tonic mix in a glass.

Local motion is in full swing

STAYING ‘local’ for over a year as a result of the pandemic may have had plenty of people climbing the walls but it also led to many getting better acquainted with the area in which they live – and the producers within it.
A red cocktail is on a marble table infused with berries and mint leaves.

Flavours are a growing trend

AS a country with a famously sweet tooth, it’s probably no surprise that there seems to be a growing demand for flavoured spirits in the UK.
A masked waiter is serving orange juice to customers.

Brexit and COVID bring changes

EMPLOYMENT law is complex, with a raft of policies and procedures to be implemented and adhered to.

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