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C&C Group snaps up Matthew Clark

Tennent’s owner buys wholesaler as Conviviality collapses

C&C Group completes Matthew Clark acquisition

TENNENT’S and Magners owner C&C Group has completed its acquisition of Matthew Clark and Bibendum with backing from AB InBev

Brewers’ price increases

SEVERAL of the country’s major brewers have announced wholesale price rises across their products

Maintain good beer standards

Category will continue to prove popular, but quality is

The most wonderful time for a beer?

There’s a chance for licensees to cash in with premium brews over the holidays.

Score with the seasonal switch

WITH autumn just around the corner many beer drinkers, just like their spirits-drinking counterparts, could be on the lookout for drinks suited to the new …

Have fun in the sun

Cold beer and warm weather have long been the perfect match A COLD pint on a warm day has been a staple of pubs and bars for decades and, even as the beer …

Beer’s horizons are broadening

World brands and seasonal brews are key considerations this summer THERE’S a reason pubs’ outdoor areas are commonly known as beer gardens, and it goes …

Light beer with heavy support

AB InBev spends big to get behind Bud Light relaunch AS the nights grow lighter and fingers cross for warmer weather, Bud Light has returned to the UK with …

Draught continues to pull in customers

Heritage and quality key to further growth for lager, firms say DESPITE an influx of craft products, and the growth of beer styles such as IPA, lager continues …