Glasgow remains in level three for a further week

GLASGOW is to remain in level three of coronavirus restrictions for an additional week, but will join the rest of mainland Scotland in level two on the weekend of Saturday 5th June if case numbers in the city continue to stabilise.

Speaking today (28th May), first minister Nicola Sturgeon said case numbers in Glasgow “are uncomfortably high” and so it would be “premature to move Glasgow out of level three immediately this week”.

However, she said the Scottish Government’s National Incident Management Team has advised moving the city to level two next weekend “if incidents continue to stabilise and assuming levels of hospitalisation remain reasonably stable”.

“Of course, it’s necessary that we do see progress continue,” said Sturgeon.

“We will be watching the critical statistics carefully every day. But if the massive public health efforts continue to have an impact, if our collective efforts to drive the virus back continue, then from next Saturday, Friday into Saturday the 5th of June, the plan would be for the city to move into level two.”

Sturgeon will confirm the move “no later than Wednesday of next week”.

Next week will also see the first minister review restriction levels across Scotland as a whole.