Rugby kits aim to convert sales

Diageo helping pubs make most of Six Nations

Diageo is aiming to help licensees grow sales of Guinness during rugby’s Six Nations tournament next month.

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The drinks giant has distributed point of sale kits to more than 6000 outlets across the UK ahead of the tournament, which kicks off on February 6.
Diageo claims the kits, which contain a range of materials including inflatable goal posts and posters, are designed to engage customers from the moment they enter an outlet through to the point of purchase.
The kits also include the Guinness ‘Lineout’, a branded tray that holds four pints and is designed to make it easier for customers to carry rounds from the bar. Rugby jerseys for staff and branded fixtures lists are also available from the company.
“As rugby awareness is higher than ever after England hosted the Rugby World Cup, the clear association of watching rugby in the on-trade presents an even greater opportunity for licensees,” said Katerina Podtserkovskaya, head of Guinness activation in the on-trade.
“The stout consumer is very important to licensees.
“Stout drinkers spend more on average per visit than all other beer categories and are more loyal to the on-trade than lager drinkers, so it is essential that licensees take care of their stout consumers.
“As Guinness represents 95% of the total stout category, it’s important that during rugby periods licensees stock up on Guinness and maintain perfect quality, whether it is through a 50L keg, 30L keg or Guinness Surger offering.”