Advice and opinions from one of Scotland’s leading licensing lawyers, Jack Cummins

Brightcrew ruling continues to impact

Judgement that boards must only consider alcohol in decisions has ramifications BACK in May 2010 a ruling from Glasgow Sheriff Court looked set to cause...

Online delivery is open to risks

Retailers who don’t pursue due diligence can be held accountable Earlier this year I looked at growing concerns over online alcohol orders. It’s claimed the expansion...

Overprovision back in spotlight

Boards look set to retain powers to handle issue at local level HOW do you solve a problem like overprovision? At last September’s national conference...

PLH renewals a ‘sorry mess’

Trade deserved better than a series of broken, quick fixes

Limit is driving the trade to distraction

Some seem to abandon all reason on the subject of drink-driving Drinking and driving: undoubtedly a potential menace to society, but also a subject that...

Health objective: fit for purpose?

A decade after the new Act one of its foundations is still weak .

Age policy presents further challenges

Operators are entitled to the same rights under the law as everyone else IF some of the many changes made to licensing law over the...

Is MUP start of a slippery slope?

If measure crosses finish line, health campaigners won’t stop there By Jack Cummins THE Scottish Government’s long-running struggle to introduce minimum unit pricing (MUP) reached a...
• Refresher training is mandatory for all personal licence holders after five years.

Final call for refresher training

Thousands of licensees are putting their livelihoods at risk by failing to complete personal licence holder refresher training.

Club licensing was ‘botched’

Bid to create system of greater supervision has fallen short