Advice and opinions from one of Scotland’s leading licensing lawyers, Jack Cummins

Footy booze ban is going nowhere

A recent licence ruling isn’t likely to bring alcohol back to grounds Has Scottish football started a journey towards the return of alcohol to football...

Latest TV licence might not be last

Further copyright collection agencies may materialise

Legal Q&A

Jack Cummins is one of Scotland’s leading licensing lawyers. Every month he writes on licensing law and answers readers’ questions in SLTN. Click on questions...

Pricing optimism is entirely misplaced

Despite health arguments, MUP will not reduce harmful drinking

Keeping up to speed with employment law

It’s crucial employers have the correct policies and procedures in place, writes employment lawyer David Hoey EMPLOYMENT law continues to grow. In addition to the...

Alcohol levy is a flawed plan

Long-mooted tax is another example of political gouging

Whisky scribe pens a new pocket guide

Master of Malt John Lamond’s latest book is a mini-celebration of whisky from around the world AN appreciation of whisky from around the world forms...

No universal ban on free alcohol

Not all promotions are restricted by Scottish Government legislation AS operators devise their strategies to capture a share of the lucrative festive period market while...

Coronavirus: navigating uncharted waters

During the Second World War, when the German Luftwaffe was doing its very best to reduce industrial Britain to rubble, pubs remained open and beer wasn’t rationed. Now, we face an unseen enemy – and, as in all wars, there are heroes and villains

Take care in the transfer window

Operators reopening closed premises must carry out thorough checks A QUESTION from an SLTN reader raises issues of considerable importance to the trade that can’t...