Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Advice and opinions from one of Scotland’s leading licensing lawyers, Jack Cummins

Stage set for more drink price drama

Bill will be passed by parliament but policy is certain to be challenged “OH no you can’t!” shout its detractors. “Oh yes we can!” declares...
Jack Cummins

Delivery drama is nothing new

Latest controversy shines light on the murk of Scottish licensing “A FUNDAMENTAL game changer in licensing regulation terms” – that was the dramatic verdict of...

Lidl ruling will affect wider trade

Decisions don’t just bring clarity for those who lodge appeals NEWS of the landmark decision in Lidl’s appeal against a licence suspension managed to knock...

PLH mess didn’t have to happen

The current renewals uncertainty could easily have been avoided .

Tempestuous times ahead for boards

Aberdeen licensing board’s bold policy on overprovision ended up in a ditch a few months ago – and now it seems odds on that...

An occasion for the law to change

New moves could help prevent abuse of occasional licences .

Lindsays’ lawyers up for awards

TWO solicitors from law firm Lindsays are in the running for prestigious awards. Licensing law veteran John Batters has been short-listed in the specialist lawyer...

An inconvenient truth for board

Ruling in Aberdeen underlines risks of basing refusals on health REMEMBER the so-called ‘CTN’ retail sector? There was a time when many small businesses made...

Further controls could hamper trade

Health influence on policies not always best medicine By Jack Cummins AS licensing boards move towards the completion of their new policy statements, which must be...

Disabilities have to be catered for

A recent legal case has reiterated the importance of accessibility