Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Advice and opinions from one of Scotland’s leading licensing lawyers, Jack Cummins

Keeping up to speed with employment law

It’s crucial employers have the correct policies and procedures in place, writes employment lawyer David Hoey EMPLOYMENT law continues to grow. In addition to the...

An occasion for the law to change

New moves could help prevent abuse of occasional licences .

No universal ban on free alcohol

Not all promotions are restricted by Scottish Government legislation AS operators devise their strategies to capture a share of the lucrative festive period market while...

Take care in the transfer window

Operators reopening closed premises must carry out thorough checks A QUESTION from an SLTN reader raises issues of considerable importance to the trade that can’t...

PLH mess didn’t have to happen

The current renewals uncertainty could easily have been avoided .

Alcohol guidelines condemn industry

It’s clear the health lobby doesn’t want people drinking at all There was a time when those who employed the expression ‘anti-alcohol campaigners’ were chided,...

Any age policy has to be robust

Recent figures reiterated the importance of age verification .
Jack Cummins

Delivery drama is nothing new

Latest controversy shines light on the murk of Scottish licensing “A FUNDAMENTAL game changer in licensing regulation terms” – that was the dramatic verdict of...

Lidl ruling will affect wider trade

Decisions don’t just bring clarity for those who lodge appeals NEWS of the landmark decision in Lidl’s appeal against a licence suspension managed to knock...
Glasgow City Chambers

Policies split on late-night hours

Aberdeen and Glasgow have very different ideas on closing times

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