Advice and opinions from one of Scotland’s leading licensing lawyers, Jack Cummins

Age policy presents further challenges

Operators are entitled to the same rights under the law as everyone else IF some of the many changes made to licensing law over the...

How will the trade comply with MUP?

The devil’s in the details in terms of enforcement and compliance

U-turn on members’ clubs on horizon?

“Aforgotten scandal” – that was Scottish Licensed Trade Association (SLTA) chief executive Paul Waterson’s blunt description on the abject failure of the Licensing (Scotland)...

Alcohol levy is a flawed plan

Long-mooted tax is another example of political gouging

Overprovision is still a minefield

Recent Aldi decision in Dundee serves as a warning to other boards Two years ago, Dundee licensing board carried out an overprovision consultation exercise and...

New proposals fail to cheer

Legal agents lament influence of health lobby on new consultation IT’S been two months since the Scottish Government stunned the trade with its latest proposals...

Health’s hysteria on ads is ominous

The anti-alcohol lobby won’t be satisfied until drinkers are pariahs

More legislative twists on horizon

Further changes are expected as the latest Bill heads for the finish line First there was the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, laden with over 30 sets...

When a policy is not allowed to fail

MUP is likely to be hailed a success, whatever the evidence .

Compliance for Christmas

Licensing lawyers outline potential pitfalls of the festive season and how to avoid them Christmas is the season to be jolly and for most people...

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