Glassware with a twist

New look Pepsi glass
Let’s twist again: the new-look glass.

GLASSWARE for Pepsi Max has been given a ‘twist’ to bring it in line with the brand’s glass bottle.

The new-look glasses, which are available to on-trade customers, feature the Pepsi Max logo with the ‘twist’ design at the bottom of the vessel.

Bruce Dallas, marketing director at Britvic GB, said the new glassware design is intended to further align the brand identity across ranges and help licensed operators offer a “premium soft drinks experience”.

“More than ever consumers are looking for authenticity from brands, so it’s crucial for brands to align the look and feel of bottles and glassware worldwide and the new launch helps us to do this,” he said.

“The new branded glass will help to further increase brand presence in licensed operators across the UK and put our brand at the forefront of customers’ minds. We recommend operators serve Pepsi Max over ice, with a wedge of lime, in the new glass for the perfect serve.”