New lease of Leffe for Belgian beer

BREWING giant AB InBev has launched new glassware for its Belgian abbey beer brand, Leffe.
Said to have been under development for 18 months, the new-look glass is designed to “enhance the tasting experience” of the Leffe range.

An engraved ‘L’ at the bottom of the glass allows for a continuous release of bubbles, meaning the foam head remains frothy for longer.
The glass stem has been redesigned to feature a three-dimensional engraving of the Leffe Abbey.
“The new glass is not only appealing to the eye, but it also enhances the taste experience of Leffe, enabling drinkers to fully appreciate the quality of the beer,” said Jonny Tyson of AB InBev.
“We are committed to driving excellence in every pour, allowing drinkers to savour each and every Leffe moment, and rediscover time.”