The world of low and no-alcohol beer

Bavaria alcohol-free

BavariaRadler lemon bottle
Range: original 0.0%; Wit 0.0%; Radler Lemon 0.0% and Fruit Rosé 0.0%

Description: In addition to its 5% ABV premium lager, Bavaria produces a range of alcohol-free beers that includes Original 0.0%, wheat beer variety Wit 0.0%, 0.0% Radler Lemon and 0.0% Fruit Rosé.

San Miguel 0.0% ABVSan Miguel

Range: San Miguel 0.0% and San Miguel 0.0% Limon.

Description: San Miguel introduced two no-alcohol beers to its range earlier this year. San Miguel 0.0% is available in 330ml bottles while San Miguel 0.0% Limon is available in a 330ml slim-line can.

Alhambra SIN

Alhambra SinRange: Alhambra SIN (ABV <1%)

Description: Brewed using techniques which prevent alcohol formation, Alhambra SIN is said to offer subtle fruity notes with a late bitterness.

Suggested as a food pairing with Spanish tapas.