Brews offer food for thought

“Consumers are used to matching food with wine but why not match our food with beer? There is probably a beer to suit any food dish.

“For example, our Bavaria Premium Beer goes well with deep-fried snacks, such as calamari, Asian dishes, hearty and spicy meat dishes, charcoal grilled meat, and certain cheeses.

“In the Netherlands, our Dutch colleagues eat deep fried snacks called croquettes which are made from a type of meat ragout that is then covered in breadcrumbs before frying.”

– Danny Wan, Bavaria

“Knowing a few interesting facts and possible food matches from the menu is also a great way to cross and up-sell in venues.

“We run dedicated events for operators which help tell the stories of beers and also food and drink matching nights to help consumers experiment with different beer styles and food.

“Collaborations via social media are also becoming more and more important to drive awareness and sales for both the brand and the venue.”

– Graham Archibald, Morgenrot

“For operators with catering facilities, matching the drinks menu with the food menu is an ideal opportunity for up-selling.

“However, to fully maximise on matching food with beers, operators need to ensure staff are knowledgeable about their menus to be able to effectively up-sell products.

“Staff need to know what flavours pair well with what food so staff training is essential in this area if up-selling is to be successful.”

Simon Green, Global Brands