Pubco bids to cut ingoing costs

STAR Pubs & Bars is aiming to make it easier for lessees to take on tied pubs by reducing the initial costs of fixtures and fittings.

Chris Jowsey, Star Pubs & Bars

The new policy aims to cut ingoing costs for new lessees (and existing lessees taking on another Star pub) through the pub company taking responsibility for ‘big ticket’ items such as ovens, fridges and grills. The items would then be owned by the pubco, with the lessee responsible for ongoing maintenance.

The offer will apply to business start-up agreements and three-year rolling leases and, the company claims, will save lessees between 60% and 70% on their setup costs.

“We spend time listening to applicants’ views and looking at ways we can best address their concerns,” said Star Pubs & Bars trading director Chris Jowsey (pictured).

“Keeping new lessees’ ingoing costs down, together with providing intensive one-on-one support in the first few months focused around individual business plans and maintaining high standards, are key to launching new ventures successfully and ensuring pubs thrive in the long term.”