A light among the darkness

Interactive campaign identifies personality traits

• A sunshine beach bar or a dark underground nightclub? The campaign aims to highlight what makes the flavoured ciders “so unique”.

A NEW interactive digital campaign has been launched for Strongbow’s Dark Fruit and Citrus Edge cider variants.

Strongbow owner Heineken said the activity has been developed to engage younger audiences who are more active on social media channels; it is intended to highlight “what makes the Dark Fruit and Citrus Edge flavour variants so unique”.


The interactive campaign aims to take consumers on a “journey of discovery through the two contrasting worlds” using a series of questions designed to reveal the user’s “true nature”. The ‘light’ of Citrus Edge and the ‘dark’ of Dark Fruit are highlighted throughout a personality quiz, which provides personality traits based on users’ answers and links them to the brand, for example: “You are Dark Fruit with a hint of Citrus Edge – magnificent and mysterious, you’re drawn more to the dark side. You can be unpredictable with hidden depths that unravel slowly.”
The new digital activity follows an advertising campaign for the variants earlier this year.
Emma Sherwood-Smith, brand unit director at Heineken, said: “We are very excited to launch our new Strongbow Dark Fruit and Citrus Edge digital campaign which not only engages with our target audience but showcases what’s unique and special about these fruit ciders.
“Strongbow has experienced unprecedented success with year-on-year sustained growth and we consider innovation essential to building our digital presence and bringing the brand to life online.
“This new digital campaign is designed to further drive awareness of our Strongbow variants and encourage incremental sales in the total cider category.”