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Brexit to make its mark on kit

Catering equipment prices may rise but kitchen savings can be found, say firms

Firing up a quality and sustainable offer

Multiple operators say the right relationship with equipment suppliers can go a long way

Scots’ taste for Italy continues

Operators can capitalise on demand for the cuisine

Get an extra slice of sales

The right equipment is vital to cash in on pizza, say firms

Dishes that still fry high on pub menus

Fried food remains popular in venues, but the right oil and equipment is essential.

Time to give frying a try?

The right fryer can be a versatile asset in the kitchen While draught beer offers customers an experience at the taps which can’t be replicated at home, in …

The ‘workhorse’ of the kitchen

Commercial microwaves can provide excellent results, say suppliers A commercail microwave is one of the kitchen “workhorses” which most eateries cannot …