Simeone brings ‘Somewhere by Nico’ cocktail concept to Edinburgh

A highly decorated bar
Inside Somewhere by Nico Edinburgh

Following its successful debut in Glasgow, Nico Simeone’s immersive cocktail bar concept Somewhere by Nico has now arrived in Edinburgh’s West End.

The latest in a string of openings from the Six Company group, the cocktail operation opening comes just ahead of a new flagship Edinburgh West location for the Six by Nico restaurant brand, due to open to the public on July 1st.

A great deal of effort has gone into the interior design of Somewhere by Nico Edinburgh, on Queensferry Rd, EH2, creating what is described as a ‘tranquil backdrop that allows the guest to dream and be transported into another realm’.

Initially, that other realm will be the Land of Oz, mirroring the opening theme adopted for Simeone’s Glasgow cocktail venue.

The offer is an innovative cocktail experience blending storytelling, multi-sensory mixology and experience: “With storytelling at the heart of the experience, guests are transformed into adventurers, with mixologists becoming the narrator, through enhanced narratives in every drink.”

Six Company chief executive and founder Simeone said: “We really wanted to raise the bar for ourselves. People are looking for more than just a drink; they want an experience.

“We believed that to be true and that’s been vindicated; we’ve been blown away by how popular this has proved to be since opening our first location in Glasgow earlier this year. The Edinburgh site is just what we hoped for. It has an exclusive members’ club feel but is open to all, complementing the city and tourists who visit it year after year.”

Guests are being offered their curated two-hour cocktail experience for £65 per person, with the Oz themed menu available until July 21st, when the menu will change and a new theme will be introduced.