Laphroaig granted a new Royal Warrant by His Majesty The King

HM The King pictured during a visit to the Laphroaig Distillery in 2015

Islay-made single malt Laphroaig has been granted a new Royal Warrant of Appointment to His Majesty The King.

This month, HM The King and HM The Queen granted their first Royal Warrants of Appointment of their new reign.

The grants were made to companies drawn from those previously holding a Royal Warrant of Appointment to His Majesty as Prince of Wales, who began granting Warrants in 1980.

These companies were reviewed and 145 were granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment to HM The King. Of these, seven companies were also granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment to HM The Queen.

In the official announcement from The Royal Warrants Association, Laphroaig appears as D. Johnston & Co (Laphroaig) Ltd, but the brand’s ultimate owner is Suntory Global Spirits – until earlier this month Beam Suntory – which warmly welcomed the renewed Royal Warrant, which it will hold for the next five years.

“Laphroaig was first granted the Royal Warrant in 1994 and has been undergoing periodic reviews ever since. Under the new application submitted in 2023, our business practices have been appraised through the Royal Warrant Sustainability Criteria.

“The award of the King’s Warrant therefore recognises Laphroaig’s responsible approach to the environmental and social impacts of our business.”

Chris Richardson, Suntory Global Spirits’ VP for Global Scotch & Irish Brands, said: “We are truly honoured to have Laphroaig’s commitment to excellence and sustainable practices recognised with a new Royal Warrant.

“It’s a testament to the dedication of the entire team at Laphroaig, who work tirelessly to craft our iconic Islay whisky.”

Companies that held a single Queen Elizabeth II Royal Warrant are being reviewed for new Royal Warrants and successful applicants will be informed later in the year.