Budweiser adds Kopparberg to UK on-trade distribution portfolio

Budweiser Brewing Group’s president Brian Perkins signed the agreement with Kopparberg owner Peter Bronsman

Budweiser Brewing Group and Kopparberg have announced an agreement for Budweiser to distribute the Swedish products to the UK on-trade, effective from 28th May this year.

In a joint statement, the companies said that move would allow Kopparberg to tap into Budweiser’s extensive on-trade distribution network, and in return enhance the brewer’s Super Premium portfolio.

Kopparberg is the largest Super Premium flavoured cider in UK off-trade sales, with an 18.5% market share of flavoured cider in the UK on-trade. The brand is often credited with the establishment of the flavoured cider category in the UK over twenty years ago and is now sold in more than 30 countries.

The companies said that the distribution agreement will allow more on-trade outlets in the UK to offer consumers Kopparberg in both packaged and on-tap formats.

It was stressed that flavoured cider products distributed by Budweiser Brewing Group in the UK will continue to be brewed by Kopparberg in Sweden ‘true to the brand’s heritage’, with Kopparberg continuing to steer the brand strategy and marketing.

Budweiser Brewing Group’s president Brian Perkins signed the agreement with Kopparberg owner Peter Bronsman on 26th April.

Perkins said: “We are proud to already offer world-favourite cider brands to consumers in the UK with Magners and Orchard Pig and are confident that making the much-loved Kopparberg more widely available in the on-trade will enable category growth and provide more choice for consumers alongside the rest of our portfolio.

“The Super Premium flavoured cider segment is exciting and making this famous Swedish brand more available in the UK on-trade will create even more value for customers and consumers.”

Bronsman said: “We are proud and excited to partner with Budweiser Brewing Group to add our Kopparberg Cider, one of the best-selling cider brands in the world, to their extensive on-trade distribution network in the UK. This agreement will help us to drive category growth and improve availability of the UK’s most-loved cider brand for consumers to enjoy.”

The agreement pertains to the full UK on-trade – except select venues, where Kopparberg will continue to distribute directly.