Give your festive season staff the power to pour a perfect pint

Pouring consistently high-quality pints is a sure-fire way to keep your customers coming back, and spreading good word-of-mouth that will bring in new trade.

But equally, one poor pint can be enough to send someone out of your door never to return.

So as the festive season descends and operators increase their staffing to cope with the hoped-for surge in footfall, they might appreciate a bit of extra help to ensure that every pint pulled is the best it can be.

With that in mind Birra Moretti has launched its Pint Perfection Platform – a quick step-by-step guide to give publicans, and their staff, the confidence to serve the perfect Birra Moretti pint, every time. Unsurprisingly, the advice for a good Birra Moretti pour is applicable to other brands.

Clued up publicans agree that using a clean glass, regularly cleaning beer lines, then storing and serving the beer at the correct temperature are key elements in the provision of the perfect pint.

Preparing for the festive period, over half of the 200 or so publicans contacted by researchers working on behalf of Birra Moretti said that they planned to have more staff on the bar this Christmas, to help keep up with demand, while 40% are sourcing more branded beer glasses to enhance the ideal serve.

Heineken UK on-trade director, Will Rice, said: “These results showcase that publicans are clearly aware of the benefits of serving their customers the perfect pint every time. However, the research also reveals some of the difficulties operators have in consistently delivering the optimum serve, and where we can offer more support.

“We found that 97% of bar staff are trained by their manager, but over two thirds of publicans said they only train staff on how to pour the best-possible pint when they first join.

“We understand that finding experienced staff has been more difficult in the last couple of years and that publicans are facing an uphill task to ensure that they have the best team in place to provide the ultimate pint experience,” said Rice.

“This is why we’ve launched the Pint Perfection Platform from Birra Moretti to help publicans and their staff find a quick and easy way to recap best practice techniques throughout the year.

“We know customers are prioritising value for money through quality experiences, so taking care of your pint serves can be a strong way to demonstrate value for money, quality and encourage return visits to your pub.”