Non-alcoholic drinks producers are on the same Wavelength

TWO non-alcoholic drinks companies have teamed up to give pub customers greater choice this festive season with an easy-to-prepare alcohol-free cocktail serve.

The TalonWave Wine is a collaboration between Edinburgh-based non-alcoholic spirits producer Talonmore and Cornish company Wavelength Drinks, which produces alcohol-free liqueurs.

The drink contains 50ml of Talonmore, 50ml of Wavelength Ruby NA Aperitif and 100ml of hot water. It is served in either tempered glass or a mug.

The companies said the TalonWave has been designed to combine the ginger, Assam tea and malty notes found in Talonmore with the hibiscus, lavender, orange and pink grapefruit found in Wavelength’s liquid.

Talonmore managing director, Lewis Kennedy, said the two products ‘match together perfectly’.

“Talonmore offers the malty notes while the zing of Wavelength creates a conjuring of festive flavours for the tastebuds,” said Kennedy.

“Garnishing with an orange makes the serve that touch more festive.

“Talonmore has been a fan of the Wavelength brand for a while now. I’ve always been really interested to see if the flavours and liquid of the two brands work together, and they do! The team at Wavelength are delightful, we hope this is the first of many partnerships.”

As both businesses are keen advocates of the great outdoors, the cocktail was launched ahead of National Hiking Day on 17th November.