Brewing and distilling united in Arran’s special reserve beers

Brewery managing director Gerald Michaluk presenting distillery manager Stewart Bowman with a bottle of each Special Reserve – a few samples may have been had beforehand.

For years now, the Isle of Arran Brewery and Lochranza Distillery have enjoyed a close friendship.

Both businesses have been producing award winning products on the Isle of Arran for decades, and over that time a tradition has developed between the two to celebrate their continued friendship.

Every year Lochranza Distillery allows Arran Brewery the use of a few of their used whisky casks as an early Christmas present. Arran Brewery then uses these casks to create their whisky cask aged Special Reserve beers.

This year, after receiving three fantastic casks, Arran Brewery invited Lochranza distillery manager Stewart Bowman down to the brewery to try the product of their friendship for himself, and to present him with a bottle of each of the Special Reserve Beers!

Arran brewery retail manager Yorick said: “We’ve always got on really well with everyone at Lochranza so it’s always lovely to be able to produce something together with them every year, after we tried this year’s batches we knew Stewart had given us some really special casks and my first thought was to get him down here at the brewery and have him taste them for himself!”