Latvian vodka brand is in the house at Monterey Jack’s

THE company behind Latvian vodka Moskovskaya has increased the brand’s Scottish presence through a deal with independent operator Monterey Jack’s.

The deal sees Moskovskaya stocked as the house pour vodka in all ten Monterey Jack’s venues around Scotland.

Naomi Dunkley, the company’s food and beverage director, described the vodka as ‘a clean, crisp and smooth product’.

“When we tested it in combination with other ingredients, it balanced really well,” said Dunkley.

“Not all vodkas perform in this way; some dominate, whilst others can be lost amidst the additional ingredients. We also love the brand image. Quite simply, the taste beat the competitors. We think this vodka has legs.”

Grant Cunningham, Scotland sales manager for Amber Beverage UK, parent company of Moskovskaya, said: “We are delighted that the Monterey Jack’s team have selected Moskovskaya Vodka – often referred to simply as ‘M’ Vodka’ – as the house pour for this vibrant and fast-expanding Group.

“As more consumers embrace authentic, traditionally crafted spirits, we are delighted that we have signed yet another prestigious Scottish hospitality group to embrace our brand. It is now viewed as an exciting and credible vodka to list.”

The Monterey Jack’s deal comes after Amber Beverage secured a listing with another Scottish group, Scotsman Hospitality (previously G1).