Harviestoun brewery marks ‘National Beer Day’ with 40th anniversary campaign launch

To mark four decades as a pioneering producer of craft beer classics, Alva’s Harviestoun Brewery has chosen National Beer Day – today, June 15 – to unveil its grand plans for 2023, including two new product launches, competitions and pop-up beer tasting events around the country.

Harviestoun has been brewing in the shadow of the Ochil Hills since 1983, making craft beer in Scotland long before it became as popular as it is today – but the company is not resting on its laurels, and has been working hard to develop its next generation of beers.

First and foremost of these is a new Harviestoun lager that is due to hit the market in August, but there is also a premium 40-year-old expression of its multi-award winning Ola Dubh stout.

Amy Cockburn

Harviestoun’s Master Brewer, Amy Cockburn, said: “We’re really excited to be marking National Beer Day by revealing our plans for a nationwide 40th anniversary campaign.

“This is a significant milestone in the evolution of Harviestoun as a pioneering producer and modern craft classic. We’ve been brewing since the early 1980s and have been crafting beer long before it became a popular trend, but we’re continuing to innovate and develop our product range,” said Amy.

“We’re now planning to pay tribute to Harviestoun’s legacy and brewing history in the best way we know, with the launch of two exciting new products for 2023. Our new lager will go on sale this summer and our limited edition 40-year-old expression of Ola Dubh will be launched as a collector’s piece later in the year.

“We want to encourage craft beer lovers from far and wide to join our 40th anniversary celebrations, but they’ll need to wait just a few more weeks to get their hands on our new lager, which is now being perfected in time for its official launch in August.”

She added: “As Harviestoun looks ahead to the future, we’re already working hard to develop our next generation of great beers. Whatever we produce in the years to come, we’ll always ensure it’s true to the Harviestoun brand style and provide as much enjoyment as possible for craft beer fans around the world.

“We’re passionate about the whole brewing process. Our relentless focus on quality has established Harviestoun as one of the most-awarded breweries in Scotland. We only use the best local barley and carefully control every aspect of the process. No beer will leave the brewery unless we’re 100% happy.”

The brewery uses soft local water from Glenturret, barley from down by the Forth and its own unique yeast, and remains steadfastly committed to using the same local ingredients and the same yeast as they always have.

Harviestoun currently employs 12 people, including Ms Cockburn, who celebrates 15 years at the company this year, and junior brewer Lisa Matthews, making a formidable all-female brew team.

With a diverse sales mix, the brand is well represented in the UK’s leading hospitality establishments, including Gleneagles, Cameron House, The Caledonian, The Balmoral, Turnberry and The Fife Arms.