New whisky range selected for the Scottish capital

SCOTLAND’S capital now has its own namesake whisky, with the launch of Edinburgh Whisky, a new label curating a collection of single malts from around the country.

The first wave of this new branded collection comprises three top drams from distilleries in Speyside, Islay and the Highlands, with the Speyside matured for seven years, and both the Highland and Islay whiskies matured for nine years, before bottling in Leith.

Three more bottlings are to follow in this range – a Campbeltown, a Lowland and an Island whisky – completing the collection, which has been chosen to reflect the best of each Scottish whisky region.

The intention is that the marketing focus will remain upon the Edinburgh Whisky brand, so the contributing distilleries are not named on the labels. However, a QR code is on the back of each bottle, offering fully traceability.

“We’re excited to be bringing a new energy to Edinburgh Whisky,” said Edinburgh Whisky’s Greg Urquhart, who is responsible for sourcing and hand selecting the very best casks which are used in the new collection.

“The city is so entwined with Scotch and the majority of people exploring Scotland for this reason come via Edinburgh and so it felt right for Edinburgh Whisky as a brand to act as a gateway for discovering different and exciting single malts too.”

Edinburgh has long had an association with the world of whisky, once housing more than 100 whisky warehouses and exporting spirit around the globe from the bustling port of Leith where Edinburgh Whisky is now bottled.

Each expression is aged in specially selected bourbon and sherry casks, aiming to take the audience on a ‘sensory journey’ that showcases the unique characteristics Edinburgh Whisky looked for in all of its malts.

The brand’s well crafted glass bottles, designed by independent, award-winning studio PRC, are interwoven with a unique Edinburgh Whisky tartan and foiled crest. Featuring in the next Scotch Whisky Experience tour, as well as in its expertly curated store, Edinburgh Whisky will land soon in select specialist whisky retailers and in the premium whisky on trade.

Earlier this week, guests gathered to celebrate the collection’s launch at Bonnie & Wild in Edinburgh’s St James Quarter, surrounded by the scents, sounds and tastes of Scotland, with help from The Drinks Bakery and Neom Organics.

Edinburgh Whisky commented: “It was brilliant to bring everyone together and see them enjoying the products we’ve been working so hard on.”  

Edinburgh Whisky launch event at Bonnie & Wild, St James Quarter. Pictured are Matthew Lynn @theirishcocktailguy, John Moffat of Edinburgh Whisky, and Moa Nilsson @swedishwhiskygirl