New American Bar menu is the berries

SUSTAINABILITY is at the heart of the new bar menu from the American Bar at Gleneagles.

The bar’s new Book of Berries menu features cocktails developed around botanicals that are found in the Perthshire hills.

Examples include the Blueberry, which contains Grey Goose vodka blended with blueberry muffins and fat washed before being used to create a milk punch featuring camomile and citrus. Cocchi Americano is then added.

The bar team, lead by head of mixology Michele Mariotti, also worked with Edinburgh’s South Loch Distillery to create three gins unique to the resort for use in the American Bar’s Martinis, and with designer Richard Brendon on bespoke glassware for several of the drinks.

“Over the last year or so, we have made real strides in developing innovative, ingredient-driven drinks menus,” said Mariotti.

“That is what the American Bar is all about – showcasing the amazing ingredients which are found on our doorstep and using them in new ways to create a unique drinking experience for our guests.

“Developing the new offering for the American Bar has very much been a team effort – each member has crafted different drinks, mixes and combinations, with immense detail.

“We believe that even the most experienced of cocktail connoisseurs will find something interesting and unique when they visit the American Bar, whether that be an innovative new mix or a contemporary twist on a classic.”