All for a good cause at Radisson RED

Graham Chalmers of the Radisson RED.

GLASGOW hotel the Radisson RED is in charitable spirit this month as it prepares to hold two fundraising events.

The first, on 16th October, will see a Streetrave party held in the hotel’s Sky Bar. The rave event, which was broadcast from the Sky Bar several times during lockdown, will donate all funds from ticket sales to The Beatson, St Andrew’s Hospice and the Catherine McEwan Foundation.

And on 29th October the Sky Bar will host a special fundraiser for licensed trade charity The Ben.

The event, between 5pm and 1am, will include sets from acts including Sub Club DJ Harri and Groove City Radio stars Paul Mulholland and Jay Gunning.

Graham Chalmers of Radisson RED said: “The Ben is a charity that’s needed more now than ever, the work they have done over the last couple of years has been priceless in saving businesses, careers, jobs and indeed lives.

“We are proud to work with them in any way we can, and staging this party to raise money and help promote the work they do is a privilege. So please dig deep and support this fantastic cause.”

Tickets to The Ben event, which is taking place during Ben Week, a week-long series of fundraising events in support of the charity, cost £10 each and are available on Eventbrite.

“The Ben Week is a chance for the charity to spread the word of the help we offer and raise awareness,” said Ben chief executive, Chris Gardner.

“If you don’t know about us, we can’t help.

“We are hoping companies will help out by holding different fundraising events during the week, to let us continue with our much-needed help for those still in need.

“Thanks to the team at the Radisson RED for their continued support, it’s good to know they realise that this is an ongoing problem and that the Ben are here, as always, to assist. Along with your help we will make a difference. To apply just pick up the phone or email me and we will see what we can do, it’s simple, effective, confidential, personal.

“Thanks again for the support, it is always appreciated and never taken for granted.”