Late-night bars can alter operation to avoid passport scheme

Venues can “stop music or close the dancefloor after midnight”, Scottish Government says

PUBS and bars that operate after midnight and which were classed as ‘nightclubs’ for the purposes of the Scottish Government’s vaccination certification scheme will be able to opt out of the scheme by altering their operation, the government has said.

A document published on the Scottish Government website today provides more information on how the scheme will operate.

The Scottish Government has previously stated that any venue which meets four criteria (a venue that is open at any time between midnight and 5am; which serves alcohol after midnight; has a dance floor or other designated space for dancing; and provides live or recorded music, for dancing) will be required to ask customers for proof of double vaccination before they are allowed entry to the premises. Only venues which meet all four criteria are affected.

However, the document published today confirms that “If a venue ceased meeting any of those criteria, it would no longer require to operate with vaccine certification”.

It goes on to say: “A pub or restaurant that usually stays open past midnight, with music, alcohol and dancing, will be able to choose whether to continue to operate in a similar way to a nightclub, with certification.

“Alternatively, they can choose to stop the music or close the dancefloor after midnight, and operate without certification.”

The vaccination certification scheme will go live on 1st October at 5am. Full guidance and regulations are still to be published.

The full update document can be read here.