Cail Bruich offers a seat at the table

CAIL Bruich, the Michelin Star restaurant in the west end of Glasgow, has teamed with Krug Champagne to introduce a special ‘Chef’s Table’ experience for customers.

The restaurant, which gained a Michelin Star earlier this year – becoming the first in Glasgow to do so for 18 years – will offer the special dining experience for two from October. It will see customers greeted with a glass of Krug before dining from a bespoke tasting menu at a specially-commissioned table overlooking the kitchen.

The table, designed by Glasgow firm Tabula Rasa, has been crafted from Scottish Wych Burr Elm wood and features an embossed Michelin Star.

The Chef’s Table experience will cost £200 per person.

Head chef Lorna McNee said it is designed to be “a unique way of showcasing all the talent throughout our team. There are few industries in the world where guests can get a front seat in the heart of the engine room and experience our craft first-hand”.

“We are really looking forward to wowing our guests with an extra special experience that showcases what Cail Bruich is all about.”