Italian craft beer restaurant group lands in Glasgow

AN Italian restaurant group specialising in casual dining and craft beer will move into the UK this month with a new venue in Glasgow.

Doppio Malto has restaurants across Italy and France and operates its own breweries in Como and Sardinia.

In addition to a menu of Italian dishes, including barbecued meats, pizzas and pastas, the new Glasgow restaurant – in the former Jamie’s Italian on George Square – will serve all 15 of Doppio Malto’s craft beers when it opens its doors later in August.

General manager Giuseppe D’Aponte said: “Each of our Italian-brewed beers are crafted using the finest ingredients and packed full of distinguishing flavours born in Italy.”

The company’s master brewer, Simone Brusadelli, said Doppio Malto aims to produce “beers to upgrade life’s best moments”.

“We believe in beer that is artisanal and adventurous like us, and that captures our love of travel, discovery and emotion,” said Brusadelli.

“Each sip is an ode to our Italian roots and filled with a little bit of magic.”