Suntory resumes bartender training programme

Suntory Ambassador James Bowker

EDRINGTON-Beam Suntory is employing some Japanese style as it resumes the bartender training programme for its House of Suntory portfolio.  

The brands – which include Roku Gin, Haku Vodka, Toki Whisky, and Hibiki Whisky – will be promoted through a series of online masterclasses hosted by House of Suntory brand ambassador James Bowker.  

The Dojo training sessions will include, on the 19th of July, a presentation with master sushi instructor Izumi Nakamura and Japanese seasoning expert Stuart Turner, which will incorporate a Haku tasting of rice spirits at different stages of distillation and, on 23rd August, a session with sake sommelier, Erika Haigh, owner of Bar Moto, and Jonathan Kleeman, head sommelier of Restaurant Story, which will also include a tasting of the blending components of Toki. 

On 20th September tea master Genshitsu Sen will host a tea ceremony masterclass, focusing on hospitality and guest experience, before Bowker and Suntory whisky ambassador Zoran Peric will host a tasting of Hibiki and an advanced ice carving tutorial. 

Participants will also have the opportunity to create their own spin on a classic cocktail, with the bartender behind the best entry in with a chance to win a trip to Japan.  

Bowker said: “We are extremely proud to bring back Dojo for a second year. The programme is a great opportunity to engage with bartenders across the country and share with them the three pillars behind the House of Suntory brand that makes it so unique. Educating bartenders on Japanese culture has always been a passion of mine and I cannot wait to welcome the next cohort of Dojo ambassadors.”