Glasses shine through

MOLSON Coors has introduced new branded glassware for Coors in the on-trade as part of the beer’s rebrand. 

Previously known as Coors Light, the 4% ABV US lager has been rebranded as Coors in the UK. 

The new glassware takes its cues from the brand’s can design, which features thermochromic ink which changes colour when the beer is the appropriate temperature. 

“This isn’t only about a design update, the new glassware is part of our work to cement Coors as the UK’s most prominent 4% beer, capitalising on our recent rebrand and becoming a top-five lager in the UK on-trade,” said Jo Huergo, marketing controller for Coors.

“We road tested the glasses extensively and our research showed around 90% of people either liked or loved the new designs so we know they’re going to be a hit with consumers.”