Physical distancing requirements could be dropped on 9th August

All areas not currently in level zero should move there on 19th July


PHYSICAL distancing requirements in licensed premises could end on 9th August, after first minister Nicola Sturgeon unveiled an updated coronavirus Strategic Framework in the Scottish Parliament today (22nd June).

Confirming that current coronavirus levels will remain unchanged until 19th July, Sturgeon  said from that date, dependant on progress with vaccinations, all parts of Scotland not currently in level zero of restrictions will move to that level. Tweaks to the levels system will mean that, at that stage, physical distancing will no longer be required in outdoor settings, though it will remain in place indoors and for organised outdoor events.

On 9th August, that requirement should also be dropped – again dependent on vaccination progress – meaning pub, bar and restaurant capacities will no longer be impacted.

The updated Framework states that, as the country moves beyond level zero, “large-scale events will return; venues such as nightclubs will reopen and businesses will get back to operating closer to full capacity”.

“Basic mitigations” such as increased hygiene procedures and Test and Protect will remain in place throughout the summer, said the first minister.

“Measures such as rigorous and regular hand washing, cleaning surfaces and good ventilation will continue to be vital,” she said.

“And even if we lift the legal requirement, as we hope to, we may still advise keeping a careful distance from people outside our close contact groups, especially if they are not fully vaccinated.

“Also, at least for a period, we are likely to require continued wearing of face coverings in certain settings – for example, shops and public transport.

“Test and Protect will also remain a vital part of our approach. Regular testing will still be advised and, while we are considering the impact of vaccination on self-isolation, isolation will continue to be necessary in certain circumstances, especially for those who test positive.

“There will also be a need to manage outbreaks as and when they arise and the levels system will still be available to help us do that if necessary.”