Kindness campaign goes national

Graham Chalmers of Radisson RED.

A CAMPAIGN encouraging customers to be kind to hospitality staff is expanding across the UK after securing support from national names.

The #bekindtohospitality campaign was launched by Graham Chalmers of the Radisson RED hotel in Glasgow and quickly garnered support from operators in the city and across Scotland.

Now, the initiative is going UK-wide with the support of figures including night-time economy campaigner Sacha Lord, UK Hospitality chief executive Kate Nicholls and musician Peter Hook.

Lord said the campaign “appealed instantly because too many people are forgetting about the people behind the masks when they’re out”.

“We are all delighted hospitality is reopening properly but that doesn’t mean the anxiety and stress for those working in the industry has gone – if anything it is worse in some cases as staff try to adjust to working in new ways, dealing with no-shows and people arguing about rules and just with their own concerns about being out in public,” said Lord.

“The message is be kind to everyone, including hospitality – that’s all.”

Chalmers said the campaign also encourages customers to “spare a thought for those of us still operating under crippling restrictions”.

“Of course safety is and always has been the priority, that goes without saying – but the impact on many businesses of the ongoing uncertainty and spiralling costs is devastating,” said Chalmers.