Tanqueray goes alcohol-free

DIAGEO has expanded its range of alcohol-free drinks with the introduction of Tanqueray 0.0.%.

The new product, which is available initially in Sainsbury’s before being introduced more widely from April, follows the recent introduction of an alcohol-free version of Gordon’s and the acquisition, in 2019, of alcohol-free spirit brand Seedlip.

The alcohol-free version of Tanqueray has been created using the same botanicals present in Tanqueray London Dry, which include juniper, coriander, angelica and liquorice.

Master distiller Terry Fraser described the new product as “a credible alcohol-free experience”.

It contains 6kcals per 50ml and is recommended to be served with tonic and a slice of lime.

Diageo GB marketing director Anita Robinson said Tanqueray 0.0% is “a delicious alternative for those who choose not to drink for whatever reason”.

“Our aim was to ensure that we retain Tanqueray’s distinctive flavours of piney juniper and faint lemon zest which, when mixed with the perfect serve, is exquisite in taste,” said Robinson.

“Tanqueray 0.0% delivers a truly authentic, vibrant alcohol-free experience that captures the spirit of Tanqueray perfectly.”