Brewing brothers reveal Outlandish plans

Lanarkshire company to launch second range of craft beers and open tap room and beer garden

THE brothers behind a new Lanarkshire microbrewery have unveiled plans to launch a second range of craft beers and open a tap room and beer garden at the brewery.

Ronnie and Kenny Lees set up Outlandish Brewing Company in November 2020 after investing £40,000 of personal funding in buying a second hand brewing kit and transforming an old cow shed into a microbrewery; they also secured start-up support from Business Gateway, including help developing the business plan and financial projections as well as online sessions on marketing and sales strategies.

The brothers launched their first range of craft beers last month; the core range includes Beamer amber ale, Swally session ale and Belter IPA.

Later this year, they plan to set up a crowdfunding scheme to help raise additional capital to take the business to the next level; and will continue to work with Business Gateway to develop an eCommerce website. Outlandish Brewing Company’s plans include releasing a second range of craft beers and opening a tap room and beer garden this summer, subject to COVID-19 restrictions.

Ronnie said Business Gateway has helped boost he and Kenny’s confidence and momentum to drive the business forward.

“A comprehensive support network, the guidance from Business Gateway has helped equip us to take the plunge and follow our dreams,” he said.

“It is great to have someone believe in your business, especially when it’s a professional.”