Tennent’s enters ‘hard seltzer’ market

TENNENT’S is targeting the healthier drinking market with the launch of a new range of hard seltzers.

Shard will be available to the on-trade on draught this month and comes in two flavours: Raspberry & Lime and Peach & Mango.

Both flavours of the alcoholic sparkling water have an ABV of 4% and contain 73 calories per half pint – attributes that will be highlighted on Shard’s branded glassware.

The drinks are also vegan and gluten-free and contain no artificial sugar or sweeteners.

Hard seltzers have been growing category in the UK over the past year, with a number of new products introduced to the market.

Benedicta Tornieri, brand manager at Tennent’s, said: “Our ambition for Shard hard seltzer was to create a refreshing drink that caters for the growing demand for lower calorie alcoholic options while offering a delicious fruity taste.

“As one of the lowest calorie hard seltzers on the market, we’re confident Shard will appeal to a diverse audience.

“Given our understanding of the appeal of draught in Scotland, we have decided to launch Shard on tap in half pint serves. To date most hard seltzers have launched in the UK in packaged format, and with the category growing in popularity amongst a diverse audience, we have chosen to launch a premium alcoholic water on draught as a new and exciting option for drinkers to meet the demand for refreshing, low calorie options.”