Take part in the world’s biggest whisky tasting

Graham Blaikie (left), with 1775 co-founders Neil Forbes and Grzegorz Wozny.

AN east coast publican is encouraging whisky fans to participate in what he hopes will be the world’s biggest ever online whisky tasting.

Graham Blaikie, owner of the Mercat Grill near Musselburgh, will be attempting to break the world record for an online whisky tasting on Friday September 4.

In addition to attempting a new world record, the session will mark the launch of whisky club 1775 Whisky Passport, which Blaikie founded with co-founders Neil Forbes and Grzegorz Wozny.

The current world record is 1500 people but Blaikie is hoping to sign up 3000 participants.

Whisky fans can register to take part in the tasting at 1775wp.com and will be able to pre-purchase samples of the whiskies being tasted at the 1775whiskypassport.com

“We’re so excited about our official launch and hopefully smashing a new world record,” said Blaikie.

“With our passion for single malt whiskies and our desire to share our love and knowledge about this wonderful drink with others we created 1775 Whisky Passport, our new whisky club, that offers so much more than just whisky tastings.

“We felt there was a real space for an organisation that could bring whisky lovers together, in a more fun yet still informative manner. Where we treat our members like best friends and friendships evolve through our shared passion for our national drink.

“Every Friday, myself and Neil Forbes will run our virtual whisky tasting at 20:30 and we hand pick a selection of malts to explore together and encourage our viewers to interact with us and for those in Europe wishing to try our selected whiskies – these can be pre-purchased on our website.”