Peroni’s breath of fresh air

A NEW global advertising campaign to promote Italian culture and the country’s way of life has been launched by Asahi-owned beer brand Peroni.

Airing on TV, radio and video, the Walk With Us campaign is based on the Italian custom of early evening strolls and describes a letter, ‘From Italy to the World,’ which draws attention to people’s new found appreciation of things they would have otherwise taken for granted following lockdown – such as an evening stroll, known in Italy as La Passeggiata.

Tim Clay, managing director of Asahi UK, said: “These are strange times and circumstances that we couldn’t have imagined having to navigate through.

“The situation faced in the retail and hospitality sector is completely unprecedented, and, as a supplier to businesses of all sizes, we are on overdrive to find ways to support our valued customers – as well as the communities in which we operate. It will be a tricky road to recovery for many, so we continue to work with and listen to our customers to see how best we can help support them. We hope that the Walk With Us campaign resonates with both consumers and operators, as we all try to reconnect with the places and pastimes we enjoy the most.”