A series of culinary collaborations at Gleneagles

Scotland’s up and coming chefs will be showing off their individual cooking styles at the Strathearn restaurant

SOME of Scotland’s “most promising” chefs and restaurateurs will be collaborating with Gleneagles’ executive chef, Simon Attridge, in the New Year to offer a new “interactive dining” experience at the resort.

The Strathearn Series is a programme of dining events which will see acclaimed young guests chefs come up with a six-course, wine-paired meal prepared in front of 12 diners at the Scullery, an open kitchen with the hotel’s revamped Strathearn Restaurant, while Attridge and his guest chef for the evening prepare dishes and talk about the food they’re cooking.

The first four events will see Roberta Hall from Edinburgh’s The Little Chartrooms, Paul Graham from Sonder’s in the capital and Scott Smith from Fhior, also in Edinburgh, as well as Sam Carter from Restaurant 22 in Cambridge each showcase their own culinary identity.

“This unique series of events is about breaking the barrier between the restaurant and the kitchen and inviting guests to join in the fun,” said Attridge. “From the kitchen buzz and the banter between chefs, to the relaxed and lively atmosphere, I want our guests to feel like they’re coming round to my house for a dinner party.

“All our guest chefs represent different culinary styles, but they share a common passion for great food and the best seasonal produce. Each of the menus will be based on the guest chef’s signature style, so all the menus will be completely unique.

“We’ll be mingling with our guests throughout the evening, taking questions, giving our top tips, and also offering a kitchen and wine room tour, so it’ll be a really interactive experience. At the end of the evening, we want to walk away with smiles on their faces.”