Capital bartender is the master

Ellie RaesideAN Edinburgh bartender will receive a bespoke PR programme to help raise her profile after winning a UK-wide cocktail contest for Jägermeister.

Ellie Raeside of Tonic won the brand’s annual Meister Hunter competition after a two-day challenge in London.

The final of the competition challenged bartenders to create three separate drinks. The first would combine Jägermeister with fresh ingredients from Borough Market (each finalist was given £5 to spend on ingredients), while the second would be a recreation of the entrant’s cocktail from their regional heat. The final drink combined the herbal liqueur with an ice cream or sorbet flavour of their choosing.

Ellie won with her cocktails Dr Meister and When Life Gives You Lemons (recipes below).

In addition to a dedicated PR programme, she received £3000 of prize money and has been inducted into Jägermeister’s Hubertus Circle network of bartenders.

Jägermeister’s UK brand ambassador, Florian Beuren, said: “This year we have been blown away by the competitors. This competition was designed to celebrate the versatility of Jägermeister and UK cocktail culture. We wanted to really challenge bartenders by getting them thinking outside of the bar and really honing-in on their craft based on what they learned.

“Each one of them performed at such a high standard it was hard to choose a winner. We look forward to welcoming Ellie into the Hubertus Circle and continuing our relationship as there are more exciting times for the brand ahead.”


Dr Meister


37.5ml Jägermeister Manifest

12.5ml Cinzano Rosso Vermouth

50ml cherry shrub*

Glass: tumbler

Garnish: Maraschino cherry with sage leaf as stem



300g cherries

250ml vanilla syrup

50ml red wine

Nutmeg and cardamom



When Life Gives You Lemons


37.5ml Jägermeister

12.5ml tequila

1 scoop lemon sorbet

12.5ml pink peppercorn syrup

2 bar spoons of jalepeno chili jam

Dash of chipotle sauce

Salt rim the glass


Glass: Margarita

Garnish: lemon slice with edible glitter