A union of botanicals

Union lemon and leaf rum
The rum is bottled at 38% ABV.


WHAT’S claimed to be the world’s first botanical white rum has been launched by The Spirited Union Distillery, in Amsterdam.

Union Lemon & Leaf, which represents the second expression in the company’s range, is described as a 38% ABV Agricole-style rum from Mauritius made with lemons grown along the Amalfi Coast.

The firm is said to distill blue eucalytus leaves “to create a balance of refreshing lemon and herbal flavours”. Combined with Sri Lankan Highland black tea, the rum’s “distinctive grassy citrus notes produce a light and minty union,” according to the distiller.

Ruben Maduro, founder of the distillery, said it operates “a flavour-first approach” and aims to move “away from artificial aromas and sickly-sweet spirits”.

The rum is available via UK distributor Drinksology Group.