Two strings to cider brand’s bow

The font pours Original and Dark Fruit

THE firm behind Strongbow has launched a new dual font which allows publicans to pour both Strongbow Original and Dark Fruit from the one unit.

Parent firm Heineken claimed that operators who stock both Strongbow Original and Dark Fruit can boost their cider sales by as much as 44%.

Strongbow’s new dual font is said to have been designed “to stand out from the crowd”.

Shaped like the brand’s bow logo, the LED-illuminated font features gold and purple colourways, representing both Strongbow Original and Dark Fruit respectively.

Jerry Shedden, category and trade marketing director at Heineken, said: “With the new Strongbow dual font, we simply wanted to bring together the UK’s two best-selling cider brands into one, stand-out font on the bar.

“We know that stocking Strongbow Original and Dark Fruit together has a dramatic uplift on rate of sale for operators, so combining the two stand out fonts means a win-win for you and your customers.”