The sweet flavour of spirit sales

Rum is said to be suited to cocktails

IS the famous Scottish sweet tooth behind the growth of rum sales in Scotland’s pubs and bars?

Drinks firms have predicted a rum revival similar to the one seen in the gin category, and this would seem to be supported by the number of new products – and new distilleries – entering the market.

In sales terms, overall rum sales were said by CGA to have grown between 2017 and 2018, with a dip in sales of white rum more than made up for by a sizeable increase in golden and dark rums.

Diageo’s Captain Morgan remains the biggest rum brand in Scotland by value, followed by Bacardi, with William Grant & Sons-owned Sailor Jerry in third place.

Havana is the fourth best-selling rum in the Scottish trade, with OVD (Old Vatted Demerara) in fifth place.

Rum’s versatility, and particularly its suitability for use in cocktails, was hailed by drinks firms as one of the main reasons for its continued popularity.

Sailor Jerry brand ambassador, EmmaLi Stenhouse, described the spirit as a “flavourful, fun drink”.

“It is accessible and appeals to a wide audience, especially those new to the rum category and exploring new serves,” said Stenhouse.

“Rum can be used to create fun, accessible cocktails, enjoyed neat or with a mixer.

“It has a rich history and culture that appeals to a wide variety of drinkers.”

As in other drinks categories, factors such as provenance are said to be becoming more important with on-trade customers than before, as well as a trend towards more premium products.